Master anything with Persistence.

hello All,

My name is Tarun and this website is my effort to share my knowledge and learning with the world. I will be sharing my knowledge on multiple subjects and ways to improve and excel in a skill.


My journey to an amazing life started when i got over my depression, lost 40 kilos in 4 months and started to feel grateful of every moment i spend on this planet. Below is my photograph from 2013 :

fast forward to 2017, I am a completely different person. I take care of my body and my mind and I keep learning and experimenting with new and innovative ideas.

I currently have 1 meal a day around 5 pm and sometimes a bit of an avocado with some nuts for Lunch. I don’t eat dairy or grains and rarely eat eggs , meat etc.

My Journey is very fascinating and i hope it will remain fascinating for decades to come.


Adios !!